perfect days

Last week the Big Angel had a soccer game; normally the H.J. accompanies him but this time the Big Angel asked me if I’d come. It was nippy, so I tucked a blanket into the Little Angel’s snazzy green wheelchair and over to the park we walked. I angled the Little Angel’s chair so he could both see the game as well as easily see the H.J. and me, and it was delightful and heartwarming and life-affirming to watch the Little Angel’s reaction to the game: he was smiling, repeatedly making eye contact with us, clearly so happy watching the kids run around and play.

The four of us then walked home together and I knew this was one of my life’s most perfect moments. It was just us four with no distractions, just us four together as a unit. It was twilight; it was brisk and breezy. It was wonderful.

Over the weekend the Big Angel came upstairs to find the three of us in my bedroom: the H.J. and I had just finished bathing the Little Angel (it’s much easier with two of us because he is so strong! skinny but fierce) and the Big Angel wanted to practice his lines from a scene in The Tempest. I had a very firm hold on the Little Angel as he has recently become crazed with putting books / newspapers in his mouth and using his teeth to rip up the paper, and I didn’t want him grabbing the book from his brother. Even though the Little Angel could understand none of it, only knew I was hugging him hard and restraining him, it was another perfect moment. The four of us were together in my bedroom, enjoying the Big Angel’s performance.

The H.J. and I enjoy watching the tv show House Hunters International — I especially like when it’s people with huge budgets because it feeds my aspirational hunger! One part of our enjoyment is the ugly Americans who bitch about having only one bathroom, or complaining that the rooms are too small. We yell all kinds of rude retorts at the tv. Stupid rich people. I’m kinda jealous, obviously.

Closed in my bedroom, the tightness of the four of us walking home together — these took up little space. I loved being together, all focused on each other. My three all-time favorite people.

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