la reine, c’est moi!

The Big Angel and I have enjoyed watching Henry Louis Gates’ PBS series Finding Your Roots; I am probably more interested in the family tree portion, and the Big Angel in the genetic puzzle. Following the show’s credits I participated in a genetic study and received the results that I am 100% northern European. Well surprise to NO ONE.

However, we did learn that my children and I, courtesy of my mother, are direct descendants of Marie Antoinette.

When the Big Angel and I told the H.J. this, he sardonically replied “figures.”

We were in Boston, Massachusetts, celebrating the Little Angel’s ninth birthday when I received that e-mail. The Little Angel is nine! Long live the Little Angel. I will forevermore associate Marie Antoinette with Boston. Naturally. ‘Cause, any place where Bac Ho made Parker House Rolls and Boston Cream Pies should be associated with she of the “if they have no bread, let them eat cake” [sic] monarch.

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2 Responses to la reine, c’est moi!

  1. Charlie says:

    The last post on this blog was made on the day my father died. Life is funny that way.

    • I’m so sorry about your father, Charlie. I know both when our daughter and then my father five weeks later died that it was hard for every part of me to understand how people kept living as if their world(s) hadn’t also stopped; I remember listening to NPR and thinking “how the hell are they reporting on this mundane shit but not about the loss of my loved one(s)?” The worst day of my life was someone else’s best, or even mediocre day. It’s confounding, isn’t it? And now, three plus years later, I occasionally stop to marvel at some of the joy I feel even though someone I loved best is gone. And my normal day of posting about our genetic heritage was a horrible day for you. I’m so sorry — I’ll be thinking of you.

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