Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles

It’s all Fiddler ’round here because I am thinking a lot of Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles:

Little Angel’s stair lift arrived!

Ruffin on his stair chair

It was installed the week before Halloween and it was either the best Trick or the best Treat — whichever, it’s fantastic, and it’s not even chocolate.

Last week his new and also continental Special Needs changing table (his is a chipper yellow) was delivered, all 280lbs of it. While I may be muy fuerte I’m not stupid so until the contractor is able to come and install it it’ll live in the garage. Sooner, later, it’ll be installed and it’ll be heaven.

For Halloween the Big Angel wanted to dress as David Luiz, evidently a professional soccer player:


David Luiz’ body double, aka the Big Angel

I’d no clue who he is, clearly, but Big Angel kept describing this kinda ‘fro like mane, so I found a brown afro wig. Another miracle: the day it arrived I was somehow able to capture the Little Angel and put the wig on him, and I did not want to take it off! Too adorable. (said with a French accent to keep my pretensions alive)

Thank you Little Angel for being my Style God.


Nothing says hot to trot like a ‘fro, chewy tube, and drool bib.

And fuchsia slippers in the background.

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One Response to Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles

  1. lovely cheerful post and that wig is hilarious – glad everyone had lots of fun with it

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