silhouettes + hearts

both silhouettes slightly distant

Last year I had silhouette pendants made of my children for their grandmothers, their guardian (named in our Will, so for now she’s just a close friend), and of course for myself. I love them so much and get such joy out of seeing those necklaces hanging, not even wearing them, that I wanted to replicate it.

First I scoured online (for I avoid shopping of any variety — in-person / online, as much as possible, but at least with online I can do it in my nightgown late at night with a cup of tea) and found a few crusty frames. The Big Angel’s oval frame had held a ceramic silhouette of Beethoven and Little Angel’s round frame a silhouette of Martha Washington. Then on Etsy I found a plethora of silhouette artists: I knew I only needed an electronic version, not a paper one, so I could print them myself in the size I wanted. I worked with Qing at TwinkleMingle and she was fantastic and so accommodating. Plus the silhouettes are lovely.

I knew I wanted to hang these small silhouettes (the frames are approximately 4″ – 5″ high) from the knobs on the shutters in our bedroom, and I wanted purple ribbon. There is no purple in our bedroom but I could tell it would be right. I ordered purple (but it came out more like a purply magenta) silk ribbon from FlowerSeedPaper and it is lovely … but probably not right for this project. One day I may instead hunt for a substantial velvet ribbon or even a grosgrain: the silk is too delicate and frays just from looking at it. Thus far I’m able to accept it, however.

For a while I had been collecting silver puffy heart charms for no other reason than I like them, the more character the better. Looking at the silhouettes hanging they felt incomplete while my heart surged looking at my beautiful boys. On Pinterest I saw a pin of heart-shaped bells; seeing that beautiful pin I thought “eureka!” and ferreted out my hearts.

I did end up purchasing four more hearts: a cat heart-shaped charm for the Big Angel (who is a serious cat man) and a horse head heart-shaped charm for my Little Angel, and also two Victorian-inspired sentimental charms (one has I love you and the other Sweet on it).

close up of St Johns hearts

close up of Ruffins heartsWhile I will need to build a better mousetrap for maintaining the ristra effect of Big Angel’s hearts for now I am delighted with them as I am up close and personal every evening and morning as I open and shut windows and shutters.

both silhouettes framed with multiple hearts

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