Special Needs Swing + a Beautiful Benefactor

Today my Little Angel is seven years-old. Luckily he is growing apace. Unfortunately, that means he no longer fits in his supportive swing (the back is fine but the thigh support is close to nonexistent and the buckle close to too tight).

Doing online research for an accessible swing I found one for US$900. Yes, you read that right. And you bet I kept searching. I came across another swing just like the one at his school: it is designed for the commercial (read: schools, playgrounds) market, but I took a chance and contacted our state’s distributor.

Lovely people (Brenna + Peter) who for no reason other than they have generous, kind hearts, said they would sell it to us at their cost. When they first told me this I got so choked up I couldn’t speak for a few moments, and I’m a talker!

I continue to be astonished by the beauty which touches our lives as a direct result of our son’s profound disabilities. I am working, hard, on focusing on the beautiful people and not the assholes. Peter and Brenna make it really easy to do so.

Landscape Structures Molded Bucket Seat (www.playlsi.com)


(photo from http://www.playlsi.com — not mine)

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